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In Session With Girth…Little Junior

In Session With Girth…Little Junior

Sammy Younan

Published on: July 2 2015

Little Junior Host Haiku

What was your favourite childhood tv show?

Man I spent hours not only watching tv…I grew up in the 80s that was the golden era of television but discussing and analyzing what I watched with my childhood friends. Many of whom are still in my life today.

A-Team, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, Twilight Zone, Wonder Woman…and many more..I haven’t even touched the cartoons.

I hang out with people I’ve known over 20 and 30 years…which is crazy if you truly think about it.

Little Junior know what this is like, childhood friends turned band. Loud, guitars, 2 minutes, 3 minutes tops tunes and all kinds of hard earned love the kind of fruit only a genuine connection can produce.

There’s a raw painful honesty when you embark on a creative journey with a childhood friend. I’m curious to learn more about their experiences and where they will go.

For Now: what a treat to discuss tv shows, punk music…and of course nachos!


Featured Music
Never Ending Day (from Never Ending Day EP)
Yeah Oh Yeah (from Little Junior EP)
Buzz Off (from Little Junior EP)

Sammy (Sea Monkeys t-shirt) with Little Junior:  Jackson, Lucas, Rane

Sammy (Sea Monkeys t-shirt) with Little Junior: Jackson, Lucas, Rane

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