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In Session With…Look Vibrant

In Session With…Look Vibrant

Sammy Younan

Published on: July 23 2015

Look Vibrant Host Haiku
When Was The Last Time You Had Knob Fun?

Ha! It’s not what you think…knob fun is the play Justin and Matt use to create the sonic chaos that is Look Vibrant: they sculpt sounds twiddling and twisting and turning knobs on their synthesizers, laptops etc. to create a unique sound.

This was the first band who’d engaged in the Converse Rubber Tracks program so I was eager to hear about that experience. I’m grateful to hear it’s as cool as I imagined. Granted it’s a corporation (owned by Nike) but still how cool is this program? Imagine if we had more like this…all the sublime music and creativity we could unleash. Wow.

And yes, don’t fear Look Vibrant is a band from Montreal so I asked about poutine.

Host & Photographer Sammy Younan W • T • F

Featured Music:
Sweater In The Lake (from Sweater In The Lake EP)
Plateau (from Plateau EP)
Stranger Kind (from Plateau EP)

Justin Lazarus
Matt Murphy

Look Vibrant In Session

Look Vibrant @ W • T • F

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