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In Session With…Lydia Persaud

In Session With…Lydia Persaud

Sammy Younan

Published on: March 19 2015

Lydia Persaud Host Haiku

Jazz as a language…how fluent are you in jazz?

Lydia Persaud is busy…she’s in the following bands each with a unique sound: The Soul Motivators, The Universal Boogie Band, The O’Pears and the Lydia Persaud Group. It was in her Group incarnation that I saw her perform live at Poetry.

A powerfully smooth voice wrapped in jazz and funk it was a fantastic opportunity to discuss jazz with someone so knowledgeable.

Featured Music
Lost and Found (from Lost and Found EP)
Good Morning
Fade Away (from Lost and Found EP)

Lydia Persaud In Session With Girth

Lydia Persaud: W I F

Host Sammy Younan:  W T F