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In Session With…May Cheung

In Session With…May Cheung

Sammy Younan

Published on: September 8 2016

Does New York City Reward Talent?

I often circle back to this question. New York City is…well, New York City. We’ve been blessed with so much amazingness outta the Big Apple…from art to movies to music. The sister question is…does talent always get the recognition it deserves? We all want to be heard yet we all don’t get heard.

While I was in New York City I visited May in her apartment to talk about being a Canadian in New York City and jazz. May is determined…this woman is a hustler. Two key phrases from my conversation with May stand out:
“you can hear the clock ticking”
“everything counts”

She’s talking about her New York City experiences and how the scene here differs from her other jazz scenes like in Montreal. Montreal has an outstanding jazz scene…you must go before The Big Sleep; so worth it.

About New York City I hafta agree with her. Whenever I’ve been in New York City I often leave feeling like I did not put in quality time in the office. Like I should have worked more, hustled harder. It’s a frustrating loop for an Artist. Productivity doesn’t apply to us; it’s hard to escape that societal dictum. For Artists quality is more important than quantity. I understand that in theory; in my capitalist spirit though I feel like I let the team down.

Aside from the New York City hustle May is also dealing with unique pressures…being a woman and her own cultural heritage doing jazz. She openly shares her struggles with those issues…I wonder if they’ll surface in her music.

Look for May’s full length album Departure in 2017.

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