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In Session With…Merival

In Session With…Merival

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 11 2016

Merival Host Haiku

Have you met Merival?

Soon as I heard the Lovers EP I sent an email to Merival to come in…I was curious about the creator of a such a gentle and honeyed EP.

She is gentle.
She is curious.
She is creative.

It was a fun chat. Turns out this was one of her first radio interviews. And she got the full treatment.

She walked in Pacific Junction Hotel bar and more than half the bar was singing Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. Think Jodi Mitchell was on before that or maybe right after. All this overwhelming energy and excitement and then we seal ourselves in the chill Girth Studio.

hah! So much fun recording in a bar. Watch for Merival on tour this March!

Merival In Session With Girth

Featured Music
Dream of Yourself (from Lovers)
A Better Deal (from Lovers)
Kickin You Out (from Lovers)

Merival: W T F

Host Sammy Younan:  W T F