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In Session With…Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

In Session With…Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 25 2016

Michael Fitzgerald Host Haiku

Are you fortunate enough to belong to a community that radiates love?

Alissa…Girth’s social media queen and I met in the Royal York lobby. We took the elevator to the fourth floor…the whole I’m wondering how unclassy having a lunch stain on my shirt is for this classy hotel. We knocked on the right door and we were let in into the hotel room.

Inside Michael Bernard Fitzgerald along with a couple of musicians were to perform acoustic versions of the songs on I Wanna Make It With You. Knowing this was going to be an intimate and chill performance I instantly loafed on one of the beds, cradling a soft pillow for warmth (despite transforming a hotel room into a performance venue this was still a hotel room…the big screen tv was present, the mini bar, 2 beds and a desk). Live…they did not disappoint.

In a way this small gathering…about 15 of us from various media outlets formed a community based on the intimacy and uniqueness of the experience. Turns out community…connection…that communal love…these are important matters to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

Michael recently a love letter to his Calgary community and that’s where we start our conversation.

Featured Music
I Wanna Make It With You (from I Wanna Make It With You)
Love Is Hard Sometimes (from I Wanna Make It With You)
Drowning (from I Wanna Make It With You)

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