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In Session With…Midday Swim

In Session With…Midday Swim

Sammy Younan

Published on: April 16 2015

Midday Swim Host Haiku

Are you in the mood for sweet sweet nostalgia?

Deep breath…5 minutes in we cover nachos, robots and spring rolls. Crazy: 5 minutes in!

It is a fantastic roller coaster of a conversation, nerdy, a vibrant debate and wonderfully retro. By the time we wrap we’re talking about Kris Kross, cassettes, Back to the Future and apps. Amazing.

Hit play and hold on…so so so much fun. Their self-titled album drops May 1st.

David Krygier-Baum
Craig Saltz
Stephan Ermel
Sebastian Shinwell

Featured Music:
Summer Eyes (from Midday Swim)
Back To You (from Midday Swim)
We Got The Feeling (from Midday Swim)

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