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In Session With…Piper Hayes II

In Session With…Piper Hayes II

Sammy Younan

Published on: December 1 2016

What Is Normal?

Piper Hayes is a wonderful and thoughtful human being. This is my second time interviewing her and this time more comfortable with me she’s open and vulnerable and eager to share. Traits easily reflected in her music. Her journey has not been smooth but it unfolds with a sense of adventure.

I’m curious about her desire to get off the grid. That’s the romance isn’t it? A pile of books, a mountain of tea and I’m gone. I’ll write and think and chill and take it easy. That’s the romance but not the reality: So Be It.

She’ll have to come back…I want to hear more about her adventures living off the grid, getting into therapy, teaching kids with disabilities, what she’s thinking about…s’always a reflective and inspiring time with Piper Hayes.

High five for Nina Simone.

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Set List
Honey {from Goodbye Mister Nice Guy}
Dear 1%
In My Bones {Hayesland song}

Piper Hayes
Carson Ritcey-Thorpe

Piper Hayes @ W • T • F

Recorded & Edited & Mixed by Adam Deacon
Photography by Alissa Santiago
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