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In Session With Girth…Piper Hayes

In Session With Girth…Piper Hayes

Sammy Younan

Published on: September 24 2014

Piper Hayes Host Haiku by Sammy Younan In Session With Girth...

You know how you meet somebody new and they swiftly surprise you with their energy and their ideas?

Interviewing Piper Hayes is a sweet treat! She openly shares romantic spicy stories about love affairs in far flung destinations, creating music and working with children. She’s infectiously full of life and lives her life well.

I tap into that infectious energy to improv with her. She has a background in improv as do I so I figured let’s do this thing. The results are…while fun…well, we won’t be on Vaudeville anytime soon. So Be It.

Live in the Girth Studio she performs 2 songs from her new EP Ain’t Nothin’ Like…plus a special acoustic mashup. Mucho good times!

Live Music:
A mashup of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own with Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It
Love Song (from Ain’t Nothin’ Like…)
Pretty (from Ain’t Nothin’ Like…)

Piper Hayes In Session

Piper Hayes: W T F
Photography: Sammy Younan