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In Session With…Pyramid Tropic

In Session With…Pyramid Tropic

Sammy Younan

Published on: June 16 2016

Pyramid Tropic Host Haiku
Did You Know Experience Is The Secret Sauce To Good Songwriting?

Pyramid Tropic is a duo: Will Whitwham and Matt Fudge. Sadly/happily only Matt could join me.

I was blown away by Matt’s insight that if you can have a good conversation you can have a good song.

Yes! That makes incredible amount of sense. Sometimes you don’t know what you feel…or think until you speak or write it out. Creativity.

This conversation was outstanding because it circled creativity. Which leads to Freedom. And Fun. And Experimentation. But it has to start with Vulnerability. You have to be willing to take that risk. Risk applies to creativity and business.

I’m sure Matt was aware of creativity and risk and business when he decided to put out his music on Confidence Emperors a brand new Toronto-based label.

“The imprint will deliver digital singles, EPs and remixes as a means for listeners to discover the work of Canadian acts, while allowing the artists to maintain creative freedom.

“I’ve always believed that great artists should be able to encapsulate everything they do into a three-and-a-half-minute single,” label founder Graham Stairs said in a statement. “The Confidence Emperors is not only going to be a digital singles/EPs/remixes label, but also a discovery platform that curates and channels that excitement into its releases. The artists I work with are prolific and have their own studios. So, now they have an outlet for their creative urges!””

And we’re back to creativity. Notice a theme here? Or rather hear?

Update: You can HEAR my interview with Ghost Caravan who Matt mentions working with…check out his sonic work.

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