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In Session With…Robyn Dell’Unto

In Session With…Robyn Dell’Unto

Sammy Younan

Published on: February 19 2015

Robyn Dell'Unto Host Haiku

What’s your go to hamburger?

I mean this is Toronto the controversial subject of hamburgers was bound to come up…eventually. Bonus: Robyn and I came up with a fantastic invention to improve hamburgers. This is magic. The invention and the conversation.

Robyn plays Girl Folk live in the Girth Studio. And takes us along her sonic adventures…writing, producing in cities such as Nashville, LA and Toronto. This woman is infectious and talented.

By all means ch-ch–check out our conversation. Especially if you dig hamburgers.

Live Music
Call (New Song!)
Sidecar (from Little Lines)
Pretty Girls (from Little Lines)

Robyn DellUnto In Session

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