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In Session With…RUN

In Session With…RUN

Sammy Younan

Published on: October 1 2015

RUN Host Haiku

Why So Serious?

In the media release for Hybrid a single from RUN’s LP Watch The Sky Liam reveals:
“Everybody has two sides. Who they present themselves to be, and who they are when they’re alone; that was the inspiration behind this song. The album itself is centered on the fears, insecurities and indulgences, when facing the overwhelming concept that there is something bigger to our lives, and we may or may not have any control at all.” And yet he’s an actor on the sit com Mr D.

So…serious or silly? Turns out…both.

Lots of fun, stories, adventures…I want to hang out with Liam and Joey. I mean check out the photo below that’s the delectable contents of Joey’s pocket! I wonder if they’re looking for new friends…

Hybrid (from Watch the Sky)

Liam Cyr
Joey Jesso
Run In Session


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