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In Session With…Sam Roberts

In Session With…Sam Roberts

Sammy Younan

Published on: January 19 2017

Sam Roberts Band Host Haiku
Are You A Nerd?

I believe Sam Roberts is a nerd. So…how do you say that without accusing him? Is being a nerd a bad thing…we’re not in high school anymore: we should be in the clear.

His latest album…this interview instigator…is TerraForm which is a sci-fi concept. Going over Sam’s 6 albums…turns out they’re littered with sci-fi elements: Shapeshifters, Metal Skin, Tractor Beam Blues (on an album called Collider!). This dude has to be a nerd! I’m gonna ask him.

We secure adult beverages and sit down in the Girth studio, all comfortable. One of my first questions was about all these sci-fi elements in his music…let’s get right into this…only he cuts me off: “Sammy are you asking me if I am a nerd?” I laugh: “Yeah…basically.” He laughs and says “yeah I am.” He gets all excited and passionate and launches into his fantastic nerd-history with Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia etc. Lots of excellent sci-fi and nerd properties! Dude has excellent taste.

What a treat! To hang out with Sam Roberts, a fellow geek and nerd it up! We did of course get around to his excellent album. And my horrible French showed up. Still anytime I can hang out and get into with a new friend is a good day. That’s the thing with nerds…it’s not always the object itself (i.e. Batman, Lord of the Rings etc.) it’s also the passion and enthusiasm one has for the object of affection…that is sometimes way more connective than anything else. It’s powerful.

High five for Chronicles of Narnia.

Books mentioned during our conversation:
Lord of Rings
Chronicles of Narnia
The Dragonlance Chronicles

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Live Music
Fiend {from Terraform}
Rogue Empire {from Terraform}
We’re All In This Together {from Terraform}
Uprising Down {from Terraform}

Sam Roberts In Session With Girth

Sam Roberts @ W • T • F

Recorded & Edited & Mixed by James Khan (audio assistance by Adam Deacon)
Photography by Alissa Santiago
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