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In Session With…Tennyson King

In Session With…Tennyson King

Sammy Younan

Published on: December 10 2015

Tennyson King Host Haiku

Have you met Tennyson King?

Chances are you’ve met Alfred Chow one of Toronto’s coolest and bestest musical artists: writer, producer, performer and now…Tennyson King.

Alfred is so cool; I first met him via the Vibonics. He has this sonic swagger…onstage he captures your attention while making your ears happy. Tennyson King is his new project it’s a personality and an EP; it doesn’t disappoint. He’s taking risks, exploring new music caves…I was happy to put on my pith helmet and go on this journey with him.

What surprises me is how the edge of the EP is darkness; just a bit there and yet Tennyson King the dude is happy. It’s like he channeled it all into the music and all that’s left is a bright and witty fellow.

I’m super curious to see how he builds on all this; where he takes Tennyson King (and us).

LIVE Music:
You Get Old (from Tennyson King EP)
On The Line (from Tennyson King EP)
Glad To Be (from Tennyson King EP)

Tennyson King In Session With Girth

Tennyson King: W T F

Host Sammy Younan:  W T F