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In Session With…The Autumn Portrait

In Session With…The Autumn Portrait

Sammy Younan

Published on: May 3 2015

The Autumn Portrait Host Haiku

What are the chances 2 good looking guys will both be rocking Casio calculator watches?


Such a pleasure to hang out with Freddie…like most powerful creatives in this golden era he fashions many products: his band The Autumn Portrait, he is a writer/journalist and hosts a web show: 5 Minutes With Freddie. So cool. Total pleasure to hang out with Freddie.

Oh shoutout to Freddie for mentioning standup comic Chris D’Elia during this interview. At the time I hadn’t heard of him or his comedy but since then I’ve caught his standup on the Comedy Central Sirius channel and it is outstanding.

Live Music:
Hurt (New Song!)
I Loved You Back

The Autumn Portrait In Session With Girth
Photography by Culture Snap Photography

The Autumn Portrait: W T F