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In Session With…Whitney Rose

In Session With…Whitney Rose

Sammy Younan

Published on: March 26 2015

Whitney Rose Host Haiku

When was the last time you listened to vintage-pop-infused-neo-traditional-country?

Graffiti inspired Whitney Rose is a charming delight. Strong passionate with a distinct sense of her purpose and talent it’s refreshing to engage to an Artist armed with clarity.

Granted that she creates country music (well she says she makes “vintage-pop-infused-neo-traditional-country” so of course we have to get into all that) you wouldn’t expect her to be inspired by graffiti…that almost sounds like a rap thing. And yet she’s smart enough to recognize how inspiration constantly surrounds her.

I found the conversation stimulating especially when we talk about validation…still mentally chewing on that. Whitney Rose ladies and gentlemen…Whitney Rose!

Cameron House Records releases her album Heartbreaker of the Year on April 21.

Featured Music
Little Piece Of You (from Heartbreaker of the Year)
Ain’t It Wise (from Heartbreaker of the Year)
The Devil Borrowed My Boots (from Heartbreaker of the Year)

Whitney Rose In Session With Girth

Whitney Rose: W T F

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