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In Session With…Maestro Fresh Wes

In Session With…Maestro Fresh Wes

Sammy Younan

Published on: November 21 2017

What Is The Name Of The Rolling Stone Member Who Died In A Swimming Pool?

Maestro and I were talking about death and rock, and death and rap music, when to illustrate his point he wanted to talk about the 5th member of the Rolling Stones who died in a swimming pool. He blanked on the name but I got half of it right: I said Brian Wood…so fired. It was Brian Jones! D’oh.

I’ve found with people like Wes who have done hundreds of interviews…there is this litmus test where they realize I am a cool dude or I know what I am talking about and they relax and they open up. Sometimes I don’t pass that litmus test.

Sometimes I have to work hard to pass that litmus test. You can hear it as the interview unfolds; I’ve become accepted. Whew.

Wes was visiting Girth Radio for what I called a L’Am Jam: Welcome Host Karim was hosting his 100th episode. How cool is that? Hard to believe it was happening when Girth Radio started way back when.

As such I was keeping Wes busy in the “green room” while Karim warmed up the crowd next door at Betty’s and played for em Wes’ hot new album: Coach Fresh.

When it was over like 8pm-ish Wes and I sat down…both of us eating fish and chips. We got into this whole debate/argument about Scarborough and gravy: dude ordered fish and chips without gravy. I felt he wasn’t representing.

Back in my reckless youth growing up in Scarborough we always had fish and chips with gravy…typically on Fridays. And yes…I dunked the fish in gravy. I’m not a savage.

I could used somebody to back me up. You know one of those types of debates?

Would have been nice to talk to him on the air longer you know but it is what it is.

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Skyscrapers (feat. Kool Keith) {from Coach Fresh}
Mr. Evans (feat. Ras Kass & Cyndi Cain)  {from Coach Fresh}
Jurassic Park (feat. Rich Kidd) {from Coach Fresh}

Maestro Fresh Wes @ W • T • F

Photography by Culture Snap (aka Henry VanderSpek)
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