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Welcome! with Mary Ormsby: Ep 148

Welcome! with Mary Ormsby: Ep 148

Karim Kanji

Published on: Monday, November 12 2018

Mary Ormsby has been a fixture in Toronto’s media landscape for many years. I first heard her on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown and then began reading her in the Toronto Star.

This is Episode #148 of the Welcome! podcast.

  • While growing up Mary Ormsby wanted to be a marine biologist like Jacques Cousteau!
  • Mary first wrote locally for the Toronto Sun before joining the Toronto Star in 1985.
  • Mary Ormsby went to Ohio State on an athletic scholarship.
  • We chatted about Patrick Brown’s political comeback in the 2018 municipal elections in Brampton.
  • Mary and I discussed the sports journalism start-up space with companies like The Athletic and The Players Tribune.
  • With winter on it’s way we also discussed the homeless problem that has continued to plague Toronto for many years.
  • Mary Ormsby has recently written a number of investigative pieces on Ben Johnson, his fall from grace, and his botched post race drug test which we discussed.
  • Mary and I also spoke about Canadian boxing icon, George Chuvallo.
mary ormsby with karim kanji