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Sex Ed Before Bed | Episode 7 | Mindful Masturbation

Sex Ed Before Bed | Episode 7 | Mindful Masturbation

Rebecca Nava

Published on: September 1

You might think you’re pretty talented at walking. Or talking. Or touching yourself. I mean, you’ve been doing these things for years. You were “doin’ it” with yourself before you were doin’ it with anyone else.

Masturbation is something that starts very early in life. Fetuses with penises in utero get erections and engage in self touch (source below). Childhood sexuality is a real thing, but there is a dearth of research on it, and very few books for children themselves to read, to help contextualize their experience. This is due to a pronounced stigma about the topic and an ongoing belief that children are innocent and nonsexual. This is a topic for another day.

Tangent aside, Caitlin K. Roberts is a savvy somatic sex educator; she helps people discover how to feel more pleasure using the knowledge that rests in their bodies. Recently she challenged herself to spend 30 minutes a day masturbating mindfully for 30 days – the results were explosive. What does it even mean to masturbate mindfully? Get ready to rethink all the ways you get jiggy, ’cause I sure did.

Caitlin schools me on:


– how mindful self-touch has changed her sexual and non-sexual life in a massive way

– the way we see masturbation as a means to an end

– the way we check out to get off and how to get back in touch with our touch

– how we focus on one spot while ignoring the sensations in so many others

– funky ways to explore your body in new ways now


Caitlin’s also a porn mom, she runs a sweet alt-porn collective in Toronto called Spit. We talked about that little tiddy too, what alt-porn looks like and why you should consider paying for your porn.

Caitlin’s blog to be a slut.

Source: Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity, Fifth Canadian Edition
by Spencer A. Rathus; Jeffrey S. Nevid; Lois Fichner-Rathus; Alexander McKay

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