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Welcome! with Mohamad Fakih: Ep 155

Welcome! with Mohamad Fakih: Ep 155

Karim Kanji

Published on: Monday, December 31 2018

Mohamad Fakih is a Lebanese-Canadian businessman and philanthropist. He started Paramount Fine Foods after arriving in Canada as an immigrant. In May 2018, Fakih was awarded an honourary doctorate from Ryerson University.

This is Episode #155 of the Welcome! podcast.

Here are some of the things that Mohamad Fakih and I talked about:

  • Born and raised in Beruit, Lebanon
  • Mohamad was trained as a gemologist
  • Immigrated to Canada in 1999
  • Prior to founding Paramount Fine Foods, Mohamad Fakih worked for Tim Hortons, La Swiss and Swatch
  • The many reasons for Mohamad’s success as a business person
  • The importance of having the name Paramount on the former Hershey Centre in Mississauga
  • His role in helping the Rohingya refugees as part of the UNHCR
  • Mohamad’s suit against Kevin Johnston of Freedom Report
  • The many philanthropic endeavours that Mohamad is involved in and why
  • Whether Mohamad has been asked to be on Dragon’s Den
  • If Mohamad has any political ambitions


Mohamad Fakih and karim kanji