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My Summer Lair featuring D.W. Young (The Booksellers)

My Summer Lair featuring D.W. Young (The Booksellers)

Sammy Younan

Published on: April 28 2020

My Summer Lair Chapter #153: What Are You Reading?

I’m surprised…it takes about 35 minutes for somebody to mention the smell. 35 minutes into The Booksellers a behind-the-scenes documentary set in New York City’s rare book scene and the fascinating people who inhabit that world. And the smell, of course, is that distinct bookstore smell.

That smell of papers and books and hope: it smells like home. Visiting a bookstore involves all the senses. That distinct smell.

I enjoy eavesdropping on the conversations……hearing the book debates and book recommendations between friends and lovers. Former lovers.

The organized sights shelf after shelf: the colours and covers. So much eye candy my eyes open wide trying to take it all in one giant gulp like a python.

The fragile books inviting a soft revered touch.

The fifth and final sense I haven’t acknowledged is taste. But ah when it comes to taste it’s up to you what you read. If you ever need book recommendations hit me up.

As you are about to hear this charming documentary is not a vintage-book hunt rather it is filled with dynamic characters as only New York City can offer. This is a documentary about the city as much as it is about readers and collectors and books. And science fiction and old school hip hop and that time Fran Lebowitz lent David Bowie a book. Now that…that is Modern Love.

To watch the documentary it depends on where ya are: are you a Canadian or an American? No matter where you live or who you are you can enjoy this trailer.

Host Sammy Younan @ WTF

The Booksellers @ W • T • F

Recorded: Monday, April 27 at Noon (EST)


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