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My Summer Lair featuring Iris Kim & Tiana Chin (The Night The Kids Found Out)

My Summer Lair featuring Iris Kim & Tiana Chin (The Night The Kids Found Out)

Sammy Younan

Published on: March 26 2019

My Summer Lair Chapter #109: What Happened The Night The Kids Found Out?

The premise according to the media release:
“In the small town of Faybridge, a star high school athlete disappears without a trace. Nico, an outcast just trying to get through senior year, catches onto a trail that leads her and her friends, Al and Riley, into a tangled mystery surrounding their biology teacher, Mr. Montgomery. With her future and friendships on the line, Nico devotes herself to discovering who’s behind the disappearance and saving her classmate, all before senior prom.”

And there it is right there! Teens, a mystery, a creepy high school…prom: yo as a child of the 80s those are all the hallmarks of a solid teen movie. I’m In!

Iris is the director and lead editor while Tiana is the creative lead for The Night the Kids Found Out. In this My Summer Lair episode you can hear how much of a challenge it was to execute the vision for this story and for the story they want to share with viewers. It’s infectious fun…I remember that happiness: we made this. And it’s good.

As you get older the best artists are the ones who close the gap between what they see in their head and what they put out into the world. I assume for somebody like Stephen King that gap is incredibly small. For these talented ladies relatively starting out the gap is a bit wider but they’re clearly determined to work and make it smaller. They have stories to tell; experiences they want to communicate and it starts with The Night the Kids Found Out.

I suppose in a way that’s what they found out. For the rest of us…I wonder that happened to the high school athlete who disappeared. There will be a public screening on Monday March 25 and then we’ll all find out. I cannot wait.

The trailer:

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Recorded: Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 2:00pm at WeWork