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My Summer Lair featuring Paul Vermeersch

My Summer Lair featuring Paul Vermeersch

Sammy Younan

Published on: March 1 2016

My Summer Lair Chapter #22: What Kind Of Religion Would You Create?

Paul Vermeersch is an armchair occultist. Yes today’s My Summer Lair guest started a cryptoreligion called The Holy Order of the Sasquatch. Good News for anybody tired of church and wanting to sleep in on Sundays…guilt free.

“Members of this benevolent Order are called Knights, and in accordance with our rites and traditions, they uphold the value of the human imagination in order to create a better world. Messages from the Holy Order will be released periodically in the form of Epistles, i.e. comic-strip pamphlets containing the teachings of Saint Bigfoot, our patron.”

Oh Yes. No doubt I was eager to discuss the The Holy Order of the Sasquatch with Paul…along with his writing, poetry, editing (dude runs an imprint), his art and music…mainly Devo and Nash The Slash. Amazing. I can’t believe I get to hang out with people like this.

As for the Mail Art we discuss you go HERE for the address and other details. What a freshtastic idea.

Paul Vermeersch is inspiring; a visionary builder of powerful niches: I hope he comes back soon with updates on all his projects…including The Holy Order of the Sasquatch.

Paul Vermeersch My Summer Lair

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Recorded: June 10, 2016 11:30am
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