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My Summer Lair featuring Richard Lowenstein (Mystify: Michael Hutchence)

My Summer Lair featuring Richard Lowenstein (Mystify: Michael Hutchence)

Sammy Younan

Published on: January 14 2020

My Summer Lair Chapter #139: Who Was Michael Hutchence?

Mystify Michael Hutchence is a solid yet devastating documentary on the INXS front man we lost in 1997.

The doc is called Mystify (outstanding tune on the sublime Kick album) but during many movie moments I keep returning to Don’t Lose Your Head the single released right before Michael perished:

“What must have happened to your soul
Is skinnin’ you alive
The thing that you fear the most is love
And that’s buried deep inside
So deep inside

The heart you’re building out of rock
Is turning into sand
Cause you never took the time to think
What it means to be a man”

That was June 27, 1997…dude’d be dead by November 22, 1997. And suddenly we hadda face Y2K and a whole new millennium with one less band. I did not enjoy this New Sensation.

Prince…Bowie…Michael Hutchence these giants die and as fans we’re left with all these unresolved emotions. Our hearts ache and it’s hard to know what to do now or how to go forward.

Talking to Richard Lowenstein the director of Mystify who grappled with his emotions as Michael’s friend greatly helped.

Thank you Michael Hutchence; thank you INXS. Our time was not long but oh it was great and good.

Host Sammy Younan @ WTF

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