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My Summer Lair featuring Sara Martins (The Vault)

My Summer Lair featuring Sara Martins (The Vault)

Sammy Younan

Published on: April 9 2019

My Summer Lair Chapter #111: What Is The Vault?

The Vault is a post-apocalyptic science-fiction web series about a ragtag group of survivors forced to live in an underground military base known as The Vault.

All of those are good words: post-apocalyptic and science-fiction and underground military base and…web series? Yup.

While NPR’s Serial has prompted the mainstream media to write about podcasts in often glowing terms web series have yet to penetrate the mainstream. There’s hardly any interviews, reviews…debates of any kind. That hasn’t stopped the genre from growing and flourishing (we saw this with comics…it took a long time for mainstream media to even notice comics much less understand them…and that’s debatable how much mainstream journalists really understand comics).

So here we are…as of this interview with director and creator Sara Martins The Vault is at 6 episodes. With 4 more to come.

I should add she was nervous going into this interview…heh. Do I have a reputation? She did great sharing a number of cool stories and moments including how their production secured a tank. Yes a real honest to goodness tank. I mean what do you think when I said web series?

The Vault trailer:

Check out their YouTube Channel for current and future episodes.

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Recorded: Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 4:00pm at We Work