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My Summer Lair featuring Sherren Lee

My Summer Lair featuring Sherren Lee

Sammy Younan

Published on: September 8 2015

My Summer Lair Chapter #14: I invited director Sherren Lee to  My Summer Lair to celebrate her TIFF short yet we ended up Sherren-ing love perspectives…

I met Sherren over a bowl of tea to discuss her web series Someone Not There. She had an open position for Music Supervisor and I got the gig. Sweet.

Following that dynamic series is Benjamin playing in TIFF’s 2015 Short Cuts programme. Simple right…we chart her growth as a filmmaker and talk about her CFC adventures. Only…I recognize love is a powerful force uniting all her work and that observation became the dominating topic. So like any outstanding filmmaker we  bravely spelunk love. And without the aid of a bowl of tea!

As for Benjamin: When a surrogate pregnancy ends in a stillbirth, two gay couples and soon-to-be parents are faced with an impossible decision.


Benjamin My Summer Lair Sherren Lee

Benjamin: W T F

Recorded: August 20, 2015 7:30pm