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Pub Hub Chapter Three: Greg Ioannou

Pub Hub Chapter Three: Greg Ioannou

Pub Hub

Published on: March 15, 2019

In the third chapter of Pub Hub, Yasmine and Jess have a super interesting conversation with Greg Ioannou, editor extraordinaire and president of Colborne Communications. In addition to Colborne, Greg is also the owner of Iguana Books, a hybrid publisher, and PubLaunch, an upcoming self-publishing platform that helps you crowdfund and choose staff to help you publish your book!

Greg’s Companies

Colbourne Communications: A professional editing and publishing services company based in Toronto. Since 1977, we have been providing editing, writing, proofreading, indexing, and research services to a variety of individual, corporate, and government clients, including all of Canada’s major publishers. Iguana Books: A new way of publishing. As a hybrid publisher, we partner with authors from around the world to produce high-quality print books and ebooks of all genres. PubLaunch: Connecting you to the people you need to make the book you want. A crowdfunding service and (future) publishing freelancers marketplace.


Substantive Editor: A big-picture editor who works with the author on the structural elements (ie. plot, characters, pacing, action, dialogue, themes, style, descriptions, tone, etc.) They are usually the first editor to work with the author. Book Packager: A company that supplies books to publishers. They could work to product a manuscript all the way up to creating the book from start to printing. Many book packagers work in a specific area — some might create non-fiction books for children while others will ghostwrite large series books (like Gossip Girl and The Babysitter’s Club). Crowdfunding: Online fundraising to produce the start-up costs for a project or endeavour. Usually those contributing will be offered “perks” or “rewards” for their donations.


Organizations & Schools


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