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Secret Society Sessions- Episode 31

Secret Society Sessions- Episode 31

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: October 21 2015

Justin Roy is a Shaman of Sound, and the visionary behind Lovelution: The Evolution of Love on the Dance Floor.
Combining sound therapy with the world’s grooviest dance music, Justin and the Lovelution crew infuse humanity and the universe with love, creating some of the most transcendent and uplifting experiences known to man.
Having played clubs around the world from 2008-2013, Justin then crossed over to music’s spiritual side to focus more on the consciousness component of sound. Diving deep into the study of frequencies, Justin has developed a powerful understanding for the way vibrations can activate our DNA to heal our minds, bodies and souls, and further the evolution of consciousness.

Now, Justin bridges the gap between the world of nightclubs and the multi-dimensional spiritual realms to create a welcoming environment for absolutely everyone. Being on Justin’s dance floor means you’ll do more than listen to music and dance. You’ll undergo a transformation.

K-DUST has been making appearances at warehouse parties, remote festivals and renegade events. His name is often not on the bill, yet his followers know where to find him.

K-DUST’s sets are journeys into secret dimensions. Each set is a trance-formative experience beautifully crafted by his unique, warm and dirty warehouse sound.
The experience goes beyond genres and definitions. It’s alive and breathes together with the dancefloor as K-DUST takes the audience on a curved road full of twists and turns, concluding at the oh-so-waited for imminent and climatic sensual eruption.

K-DUST keeps a full schedule; in addition to playing and making music, he’s the founder and moving force behind House of Dust, an underground arts and music group. He’s also in final preparations of launching DustyBeats.info, a podcast dedicated to showcasing fellow global underground DJs.