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Secret Society Sessions- Episode 33

Secret Society Sessions- Episode 33

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: November 4

Marwan aka Mar is from Palestine, Bilal aka B’lo is from Syria. They are currently based in Toronto, Canada.
B’lo & Mar got into the scene 7 years ago. B’lo moved to Montreal in 2009 where he discovered the underground sound and started collecting records. Mar moved to Toronto back in 2008 where he developed a strong passion for Underground House Music.

They met in Toronto 3 years ago and found that they have a very similar taste when it comes to music so they decided to team up.

They have played in a number of venues in Toronto including Cabal, Lily lounge, Toika and Cherry Beach.
It is hard to put all their influences in a list, but they are inspired and love the sound of Audiofly, Matthew Deckay, and Lee Burridge to name a few.

B’lo & Mar don’t really believe in Genres, they play anything with rhythm and groove. You can describe their sound as Deep, Freaky and Groovy.