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Secret Society Sessions- Episode 53 Part 1

Secret Society Sessions- Episode 53 Part 1

Published on: June 2

Episode 53 Part 1 Featuring DJ Matt Von Wilde and DJ Thomas Cardin

Thomas Cardin: @thomascardin

“Music is the paint on the canvas of time.” – this quote is part of Thomas Cardin’s life philosophy, along with deep dedication to vibrant, vocal house music, intentional infusion of spiritual awareness to the club scene and progressive popularization of the underground sound.

He believes his success comes as a direct result of conscious, positive thinking, the power of good intentions and the ability to harness the healing force of music. With 10 years of DJing and a lifetime of musical background behind him, Thomas’ vision is manifesting quickly taking his new home, Toronto, by storm. Thomas is a member of a triad which founded “Secret Society”, a community of like-minded music lovers fuelling change.
The launch of his record label, Scardinius Recordings is next on his agenda while the wheels are in motion to take Secret Society to the next level.

When asked, Thomas Cardin highlights his defining song selection as his greatest skill, but he never fails to give credit to the producers creating music. He says: “When I’m standing behind the decks there is no ego in play. I’m just channeling.”

Matt Von Wilde: mixcloud.com/mattvonwilde

Matt Von Wilde is an enigma, surrounded by intrigue, shrouded in mystery and sometimes covered in chocolate. He is recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. With a blend of bouncy basslines and melodic deep-as-fuck house Wilde is a transporter of minds and souls to an amazing frantic paradise that, while leaving you knackered, strangely also leaves you feeling re-invigorated to go to the afterparty.

In 2007, after saving his family from a sinking ship in the baltic sea and receiving a fat tax return Matt Von Wilde dived headfirst into becoming a crazed vinyl junkie spinning raves, after hours and laundromats from Toronto to Montreal.

Along with enjoying long walks and on the beach, Matt von Wilde is a Founder of Secret Society and leader of potatoes.
He is available for booking at your next Bar Mitzvah, children’s party and your grandparents’ 45th wedding anniversary.