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Secret Society Sessions- Episode 66

Secret Society Sessions- Episode 66

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: July 07 2016

Secret Society Sessions Ep.66 Featuring DJ Nadia and DJ Borzoo

Borzoo: @borzoo
Nadia A: @nadiaamirmolavy

Nadia and Borzoo are a product of WWII Nazi experimentation, before their program was terminated and they were frozen in capsules and their files were archived.
Nadia, whose DNA was biologically altered to have no human emotions, belonged to the SS and we suspect she revolutionized the psychological and physical torture, and almost rewrote the entire playbook in that era. She is, singlehandedly, responsible for over 50 new revolutionary techniques that have since become standard practice in the industry, a pioneer in her field and a true inspiration.
Borzoo with unknown origins is believed to be part alien and part genetically modified ape. There is very little known about the nature of that experiment but we know that it was a total failure and the program was shelved quickly, and quietly.
Both specimens were defrosted in the late 80s after the fall of the soviets and they were discovered in a sealed underground facility in Eastern Germany. They have since been going through a comprehensive and extensive rehabilitation program.
There are however still traces of their dark past that comes out every now and then, and for safety measure they are equipped with an electronic chip imbedded in them that alerts their handlers when there is an emergency situation so they’re mostly tame and under control at all times.