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Secret Society Sessions- Episode 67

Secret Society Sessions- Episode 67

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: July 07 2016

Secret Society Ep. 67 Featuring Mikey and The Wolf

Mikey & The Wolf: @mikeyandthewolf

Michael Vitorino and Cosmin Fatu have been sharing their story as Mikey & The Wolf, the musical project of a friendship spanning 20 years.

Electronic music has been a natural influence on their friendship since their teenage years, with their differing tastes often complimenting each other, filling individual gaps, and ultimately creating a selection where the sum is greater than the individual parts.

As Mikey & The Wolf, their style leans towards the brooding side of electronic music, with a focus on creating suspense and tension.

Dramatic chords, mesmerizing synths, and refined vocals further shape the voyage, lifting the listener’s emotional senses, and providing depth and balance to the experience.

For the next three hours, Mikey & The Wolf welcome you to their story, as they share the culmination of their unique taste, style, and friendship.