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Secret Society Sessions Episode 81

Secret Society Sessions Episode 81

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: October 18 2016

Secret Society Sessions Ep.81 featuring DJ Arman and DJ Beynon

Arman & Beynon: @armanandbeynon
Arman: @justarman

Arman & Beynon are a Toronto based DJ duo who share a similar passion for electronic music, but have different backstories that led them to the deep, progressive sound they now share.

The son an orchestral conductor, Arman was immersed in classical music from a young age. After a childhood of classical violin, he later picked up the drums and guitar, becoming interested in rock and alternative music. It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that Arman became interested in electronic music, becoming obsessed with trance and later techno and deep house. The itch to start DJing soon followed, with Arman arriving on the Toronto underground scene in 2014 with a weekly residency at Comfort Zone.

Originally hailing from London, Ontario, Beynon caught the initial spark when playing with a friend’s Casio keyboard in the early 90’s. It wasn’t until the late 90’s and early 2000’s that he became a fan of the darker side of trance and progressive, with DJ’ing as a hobby that led to playing private parties and boat cruises. Beynon’s musical taste has been influenced by many genres, which is always notable in his track selection. Beynon also displays particular attention to the venue, crowd and environment in setting the direction of his sets.

Joining forces to play as a duo in late 2015, Arman & Beynon have already landed gigs at Cabal, Escobar and Parlour. They present a deep and atmospheric sound with unique musical selection. Their diverse background has allowed them a large set of styles from which to draw, resulting in a unique sound variable to suit the energy of the venue.