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Secret Society Sessions Episode 82

Secret Society Sessions Episode 82

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: October 20 2016

Secret Society Sessions Ep.82 Featuring DJ Saeed and DJ Temple K

Temple K: @kdustmusic

Temple K is a new audible experimental project by K-DUST where movement, breath and sound come alive on the dancefloor >’< DJ Saeed: @djsaeed DJ Saeed has been involved with music all his life and has been in the Toronto industry for over 14 years first as a promoter then as a DJ playing venues such as Film Lounge, Acid Lounge - Guvernment, Li'ly Lounge, Toika, Vola and many others. His style of music is a combination of house, electro, tech and techno with lots of vocals and driving baselines. He took a break from the scene two years ago to concentrate on his real estate business and is coming back to his other true love. Keep an eye out for his upcoming singles The Escape and Cramuen Stack in the coming months.