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Secret Society Sessions Episode 83

Secret Society Sessions Episode 83

Secret Society Sessions

Published on: January 15, 2017

Secret Society Sessions Ep.83 featuring DJ Sadeq & DJ Clouzer

Sadeq: @sonic_sadeq

At the core, Sadeq has a fun and expressive personality and his dj sets reflect his soulful and deep groove. It’s meaningful, happy, and welcomes you onto the dance floor. An Architect by profession, Sadeq’s connection with music is led by passion and creativity, and the years of experience on the decks in different parts of the world has taught him a lot about projecting his emotions in his music.

Sadeq features regularly in the Toronto scene, whether opening for influential underground DJs and producers, or playing a key part in producing events under Techfui, in partnership with some of the best in Toronto’s underground scene.

Clouzer: @clouzer

Jenia Clouzer is a Dj and Producer based Toronto, Canada.
He was born and raised in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. It was in 2003 that he discovered and began his journey into Electronic dance music after becoming familiar with the Global Underground Mix Series, the UK Progressive scene and he became a regular of the Underground nightlife in both Saint Petersburg and Moscow. He moved to Toronto in 2009 and during his first weekend there, he found himself in Footwork Club. After more than ten years of dedication to the creation and sustainment of electronic music, he does not find himself specializing in a particular subgenre. He believes every genre has its own unique qualities and features. The purpose of his music is to create a transcendent experience for people. An experience where my music compels dancing and movement for the body, brings hyper-awareness to the senses, and enables people to feel the sublime that elevates them to another dimension and an altered state of consciousness.