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In Session With…Bend Sinister

In Session With…Bend Sinister

Sammy Younan

Published on: August 9 2018

Do Crickets Have Protein?

In Session With Girth… are recorded at the Pacific Junction Hotel bar which has crickets on the menu: no I haven’t tried em (happy with the pulled pork tacos, thanks!) however members of Bend Sinister have. Verdict? They dig em!

These fun cricket eating guys also dig games…which explains why their new album is called Foolish Games. Which also explains what this interview becomes. The band informs me that crickets have protein. Is that…true? Eh…sure why not. And they teach me about bum darts…to quote Pusha T: “If You Know You Know.” Now I can’t “unknow.” Turns out I have’t Heard It All Before.

Foolish Games is lots of fun: good old fashioned rock n roll. If you have a chance check out out on tour (dates and tickets coming soon!) though chances are if you don’t see em live you’ll probably run into em in a thrift store. If ya do…don’t Walk the Other Way as they’re friendly and fun.

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Daniel Moxon
Dicky Neptune
Matt Rhode
Joseph Blood

Shannon {from Foolish Games}
Heard It All Before {from Foolish Games}
Walk the Other Way {from Foolish Games}

Bend Sinister @ W • T • F

Photography by Bend Sinister
In Session With Girth… is recorded live every Thursday at the Pacific Junction Hotel bar (234 King St E.) at 6:30 pm. Join Us!