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In Session With…Jon Corbin II

In Session With…Jon Corbin II

Sammy Younan

Published on: November 29 2018

When You Go…Do You Go Hard?

I always enjoy talking to Jon…that dude thinks a lot and his answers are often poetic. Though he’s the first to give credit to his family. (Not his triplets which is crazy amazing. They’re not at that age when they can step into a studio and instantly drop bars…yet!) His family is…Shad K, Orijin, Eternia, Scribe…lots more talented creators. Jon’s the type of oscar winner who’d be thankful and so grateful for so many people the music would hafta usher him off stage.

And that’s exactly why the press release for Every Day states: “Jon Corbin’s third full length album, Every Day, is a soundtrack for the complexities of everyday life.” Because one of the complexities of everyday life is family. And balancing family needs and emotions with your own so you can still find the time to create and to be.

In the interview I mentioned that his life…his story…this record is like battle rap. Not in the traditional sense of battle rap rather battle rap as in his daily battles…the struggle to maintain hope amidst overwhelming odds; the battle to create a space where love can flourish and the battle to exist in a microwave popcorn world.

I didn’t ask…not outright but this record is proof Jon Corbin is winning a lot of battles. The war is long, hard and progress is not linear which is ok because Jon is an undaunted soldier.

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Go Hard {from Every Day}
In The Pocket (feat. Eternia) {from Every Day}
Sunday Best (feat. Scribe & Orijin) {from Every Day}

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