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In Session With…Jon Stancer

In Session With…Jon Stancer

Sammy Younan

Published on: June 29 2017

If You Haven’t Done Something For A Long Time…Could You Come Back & Still Be Good At It?

Reclusiveness, regret, revision, rejuvenation and resurgence are the guiding buzz words Jon Stancer used when writing and recording his debut album For The Birds.

It’s a strange title and indeed during our conversation Jon addresses that because it sounds disposable even as he contemplates the shelf life of these songs. It’s reminiscent of U2’s Achtung Baby which was their heaviest album in terms of themes and emotions yet it got a silly title (in this In Session With… Jon we end up discussing U2 but  focused on Joshua Tree). However it’s the same strategy with For The Birds.

For example Take The Bait was written partly in response to the 2015 Bataclan/Paris attacks (oddly enough U2 were involved in that…they had the night off in Paris in between concert dates).

And to answer the question at the top Turn Your Back On Your Regrets in many ways lays out Jon’s mission statement about getting back into making music after a lengthy absence. Turns out…he’s still got it. Will be interesting to see how the rest of his 2017 unfolds.

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Featured Music
Dance In The Sun {from For The Birds}
Turn Your Back On Your Regrets {from For The Birds}
Take The Bait {from For The Birds}

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Photography by Sammy Younan
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