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In Session With…Prairie Cat

In Session With…Prairie Cat

Sammy Younan

Published on: June 22 2017

Did You Hear The One About…?

I enjoy the company of sarcastic people. They’re quick; they have a different take…a rare and unique perspective. You can hear all of that reflected in Prairie Cat’s music.

I’m always curious how creators settle on that voice…like what comes first the sarcasm wink wink elements or the music? Both? How do you adopt that mindset…that filter to run your work through?

And of course Prairie Cat is not his real name it’s Cary Pratt: so what’s it like to go through life with a moniker…let’s get into all that. But first!

Dude taught me a cool fun fact: I learned the Close Encounters of the Third Kind keyboard…you know the one in the movie the aliens use? (So dumb Spielberg!!) it’s in downtown Calgary. Seriously? Yup the ARP 2500 Synthesizer is at the The National Music Centre. Road Trip?

Super fun and super sarcasm; this is In Session… at it’s best.

Host Sammy Younan W • T • F

Live Music
Did You Dress Yourself? {Is Cary Pratt}
Wrong! {Is Cary Pratt}
On a Lamb {from Who Knows Where To Begin?}

Prairie Cat @ W • T • F

Recorded & Edited & Mixed by Adam Deacon (audio assistance by James Khan)
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