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My Summer Lair feat. Champions of Magic (Alex McAleer & Richard Young)

My Summer Lair feat. Champions of Magic (Alex McAleer & Richard Young)

Sammy Younan

Published on: December 4 2018

My Summer Lair Chapter #97: Who Is The Champion Of Magic?

The Champions of Magic are coming to Toronto on December 19 (and staying here until January 6!) at the St. Lawrence Centre. I’m going on the December 20th and I cannot wait. Tickets are on sale and you’re welcome to join me.

Champions Of Magic is a touring show from the UK that encompasses all kinds of magic: Kayla Drescher a close-up magician, Fernando Velasco your classic escape artist (think of what Houdini used to do!) and my guests Alex McAleer who is a mentalist and Richard Young who is half of the Young and Strange magic duo.

You may have seen Young and Strange on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us. Their magic show is a parody of that seminal David Copperfield large and elaborate stagecraft with a generous dollop of comedy. That always intrigues me.

However what captured my attention is Alex McAleer. I wish we’d had more time to talk as I want to get a better handle of how mentalism works and what he’s reading when he reads a human being. What is he seeing that we’re not? How much of how I am do I actually communicate?

It’s interesting…I dunno how this branch of magic work. I don’t know how you develop these skills…a card trick that I get you can practice that sucker for hours. But how do you develop skills when you need individuals and even better? Strangers. Mentalism normalizes the strange…strangers instantly become friends. Now that is a magic trick.

Sadly I did not speak to Fernando Velasco but I’m so looking forward to his escape magic.

Oh this is gonna be fun.

Here’s the show trailer:

Champions Of Magic Trailer from Champions Of Magic on Vimeo.

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Recorded: Monday December 3, 2018 at 4:30pm