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My Summer Lair featuring Jason Fabok (Batman)

My Summer Lair featuring Jason Fabok (Batman)

Sammy Younan

Published on: August 29 2017

My Summer Lair Chapter #52: Who Are Some Of Your Favourite Batman Artists?

No doubt Jason Fabok has to be on the list which you can see here on DC’s website.

I invited Jason to My Summer Lair as I want to learn what it’s like to draw Batman 75 years later. As I half-joked in this interview we’ve seen Batman crash through multiple skylights…so how do you come up with something original or unique for the Dark Knight? Glass companies must be brisk business in Gotham…along with funeral homes. ooo snap!

I co-host a comic book podcast Back Issue Bloodbath and every 4 episodes we shine a light on a comic book creator. Those spotlight episodes have taught me a lot: it can be difficult to review a person’s body of work and then try to articulate their contributions to this dense and outstanding medium. I hope this interview with Jason while not book specific helps convey some of his fantastic comic book contributions (like JL: Darkseid War!).

In hindsight I wished I’d sussed out Jason’s faith better which is important to his life and his work. It’s hard to fully get into it without losing listeners. It’s not that I wanted to pick a side rather I wanted to get a better handle on the man and his beliefs.

One of Back Issue Bloodbath‘s avid listeners is Rob Gaudette (writer of the Growing Up Forty comic book/pop culture blog). This interview came about in part because of Rob who met Jason back during Free Comic Book Day. His review of Jason: “Yeah man. He’s solid. Really nice.” Works for me. Rob put in a good word with Jason on my behalf during Fan Expo…thanks Rob!

The photo below is Rob and Jason at a comic book store.

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Recorded: September 1, 2017 6:00pm (EST)