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Sweat & Salt Episode 12: Jeff Malberg and Spettacolo

Sweat & Salt Episode 12: Jeff Malberg and Spettacolo

Alissa Santiago

Published on: Feb 09, 2018

Alissa Santiago presents
Jeff Malmberg, Spettacolo & the play of Tourism

Jeff Malmberg, film maker, editor and director, 2nd full length documentary is called Spettacolo, a story of the village of Monticchiello – population: 136 – sits high in the hills in Tuscany, “a real town with real people,” in the words of Jeff Malmberg, co-director of the documentary Spettacolo. But every year these real people become actors playing dramatized versions of themselves, that amounts to a passionate soul-searching of the year’s events.

Spettacolo is playing at the Hot Docs Cinema from Feb 9 to 15th. Click here for more info and to buy tickets.

Alissa and Jeff touch on the tradition of the play for the townspeople of Monticchiello and how modernization is changing the culture of Tuscany for better or worst. The film is a great discourse of both. And lastly can you really talk about Italy without at least mentioning pasta? I’m hungry just thinking about it.

To learn more about Spettacolo click here.

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