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Welcome! #8: Uncle Neil

Welcome! #8: Uncle Neil

Karim Kanji

Published on: August 7 2015

Uncle Neil joins Welcome! host Karim Kanji in Girth Radio studios at Toronto’s Pacific Junction Hotel. Neil and Karim discuss Neil’s eclectic musical background including the time Neil met guitar legend, Jeff Healey.

We also chatted about:

  • How Neil got started in music
  • The type of music he grew up listening to
  • Who his early influences were
  • The various instruments he played
  • Neil shared a few Jeff Healey and Rick Emmitt stories.
  • How the popular Toy Mountain Show was born

Neil ended the show by playing his guitar and singing the classic, Bridge Over Troubled Water.

You can find out more about Uncle Neil at: http://uncleneiltoymountain.com/

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