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Welcome with Dave Merheje: Ep 165

Welcome with Dave Merheje: Ep 165

Karim Kanji

Published on: Monday, April 1 2019

dave merheje and karim kanji

** I sat down with Dave Merheje a week before he won the 2019 JUNO for best comedy album. **

In 2011 my next guest was named Best Male Stand Up In Toronto. That same year CBC Radio’s Laugh Out Loud called him one of Canada’s next breakout stars.

My next guest has performed in Melbourne, New York city, L.A., Sydney, Toronto, and almost anywhere else you can find a comedy club, strip club or barbershop.

He’s also starred on CBC’s Mr. D. and will soon be starring in Hulu’s Ramy.

His latest comedy album, Good Friend, Bad Grammar, has been nominated for a JUNO Award this year.

Please welcome to the show, Dave Merheje.