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The Power of a Throwback – Nostalgia Concerts

The Power of a Throwback – Nostalgia Concerts

Caroline Donegan

Girth Radio Presents…

2003 – a time when payphones still existed, Pokémon was played with cards, and every playlist at a school dance included Sean Paul’s Get Busy, and Aqua’s Doctor Jones.

Ask anyone who danced across a school gym, waving glow sticks and sweating in the era before air conditioning was standard in schools, and they’ll tell that these songs are iconic. They’re core components to the soundtrack of the early 2000s.

Now fast forward to 2017 when Sean Paul took the stage at Echo Beach for the Throwback Bash. The gates remained locked for over two hours after they were set to open, but the crowd still packed in tightly, waiting to race into the sold out event.

The impatience of the crowd grew as the heat set in, but the anticipation was still heavy, and eventually the crowd was let in and rewarded with performances by Brandy and Ginuwine.

When Sean Paul finally took the stage, he performed hit after hit. He has many well known songs, having collaborated with artists like Beyoncé, 2 Chainz, and Sia over the years, but it was still that song from fifteen years ago that got the biggest scream from the crowd.

Everyone was there to retrieve the memories of a more youthful time, and Get Busy was the trigger for all that nostalgia.

In September, Aqua will perform on the same stage where Sean Paul appeared last year, but unlike him, Aqua hasn’t created any new music recently. The Rewind Tour is happening solely on the premise of nostalgia, and general admission is already sold out. Aqua will perform songs from twenty years ago to crowds just looking to relive a feeling caught in their memories.

Throwback concerts are having a moment, letting concert-goers reclaim the time when they twirled their glow sticks around in a darkened school gym. Nostalgia concerts give people the opportunity to experience the fun of the past without any of the stress we had then.

When Sean Paul or Aqua takes the stage, you’re reminded of the person you were when you first heard that one song, and you forget everything else.

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