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RE: Mary Kills People – Episode 2 “The River Stix”

RE: Mary Kills People – Episode 2 “The River Stix”

Rob Gaudette

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Before we get into episode two of Mary Kills People, let’s recap that shocking reveal about Joel.

Did anyone see it coming that he was an undercover cop? Yeah, me too. So Joel, whose real name is Detective Ben Wesley, is posing as a dying patient in order to arrest Mary as a murderer. This episode answers the reason why Ben is investigating Mary and I actually found the reasoning to be smart and intriguing.

I found this episode harder to watch when it came to one of the patients deciding to end their life.

Episode two plays differently than the first in that we are spending more time with the patient/client. But this then gets the question of why? Do the writers want us to care about these people and their family members who are hurting? Are we supposed to want the character to live or to choose to die? What are you asking of me to believe and invest in while watching this show, because there are so many storylines and plots to follow, I don’t know where my attention needs to be.

Ok, let’s break this down to what you want to know. The entire time I’m watching the first episode, all I thought about was Weeds and Dexter. This show cribs a bunch of its DNA from those two shows. And the problem with that is…I felt like stopping Mary Kills People and instead throwing on either Dexter or Weeds because those shows are far superior to this one. Alright, alright, only the first three seasons for each. But I digress…

Mary Kills People isn’t a bad show. Far from it. But here’s the question you’ll likely ask me: If you’ve already seen the first two episodes, will you watch the final four episodes of the season?

And, for me, I’m gonna answer ‘No’. Maybe one day when they are on Netflix and I have literally exhausted every other option, I would plow through the last four episodes. But to watch each episode as they unroll weekly on TV? No thanks.

It’s wise this series is limited to six-episodes. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Global TV, who is airing the show in Canada, and Lifetime, who’ll air it in the US starting April 23rd, decide to order a second season. It’s not hard to imagine the show will have some fans, but you won’t count me as one of them.

Let me know if you’re going to continue to watch this show or if you think perusing the menu at Taco Bell, knowing the hurting that will come afterwards, is more intriguing.

Until next time, I remain @robgaudette on Twitter…

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