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#SetTheVCR for Sunday, March 24 to Saturday, March 30

#SetTheVCR for Sunday, March 24 to Saturday, March 30

Sammy Younan

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This is one of those weeks where “we’re in the golden era of television” is a hard sell. Still undaunted I’ve found some television worthy of your VCR.

Sunday, March 24
Into the Badlands: Season 4 (10 p.m.) AMC

I ain’t going Into the Badlands on AMC so I got nothing. Maybe watch March Madness? There’s a Duke game on.

Monday, March 25
Women, War & Peace (9 p.m.) PBS
Jesus: His Life (8 p.m.) History
Punk (10 p.m.) Epix
One Nation Under Stress (9 p.m.) HBO

Hillary Clinton instantly lost with her deplorables comment; it wasn’t that she said it: it’s that she fully believed it. So fired. HBO’s latest documentary One Nation Under Stress documents many of their struggles which culminates in suicide and of course…rage. Like what did you think was gonna happen?! I point this out not as an indictment rather as an opportunity for radical ideas like Basic Income. Think of the comic books you could buy with that money…which will reduce stress and make you life better. So here we are…with this incredible opportunity to galvanize change. Now What?

Tuesday, March 26
Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid, Netflix

I dunno who or what a Nate Bargatze so I’ll give this 10 or 15 minutes. Make me laugh clown…make me laugh.

Wednesday, March 27
What We Do in the Shadows: Season 1 (10 p.m.) FX
Happy!: Season 2 (10 p.m.) Syfy

You’ll be Happy! to know I…never finished Season 1. In the world of tv streaming…sometimes you finished a season so quickly and you’re impatiently awaiting the next one. Other times the next season shows up so “quick.” This feels quick…the last episode aired on January 31, 2018. Throwing this on the list; I wanna finish this show just not sure when. Which is just…sad!

Thursday, March 28
Play ball! It’s opening day for Major League Baseball: the Dodgers are hosting the Diamondbacks and the Angels take on the A’s. (1 p.m.) ESPN

A random observation? I don’t watch baseball…I can’t name a Toronto Blue Jays player. I can’t name any baseball players really…which is not a good sign. You have a marketing issue when the general public can’t name your superstars. I know somebody signed a big contract recently…he plays for a team with a red colour in their logo? Really I’m just posting this to say…I like hotdogs.

Friday, March 29
Santa Clarita Diet: Season 3, Netflix
Osmosis, Netflix
Traitors, Netflix
Hanna: Season 1, Amazon Prime Video
The Highwaymen, Netflix

Alright: Triple Frontier is a Dolly Parton bust. It’s terrible. Word on the street is out.

So let’s try this again shall we?

The Highwaymen has outlaws, gangsters and tommy guns. This should be good…this should be ruckus.

Saturday, March 30
Nothing! Let’s see where we’re at with March Madness! Or…it is Saturday so go out there and shake your Money Maker! (Though maybe look up in Urban Dictionary just what exactly is a Money Maker?)

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