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#SetTheVCR: July 19-25, 2020

#SetTheVCR: July 19-25, 2020

Sammy Younan

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In a quirky sort of fate, my TV recommendations this week include a Phone Booth and a Kissing Booth. I’m not sure what that says about me but it says something about the tv offerings this week!

Sunday, July 19

Sammy Suggestion: The Last Dance (Anytime / Netflix)
For American cord-cutters who missed The Last Dance on ESPN and then on ABC it’s now on Netflix in all of its F Bomb glory. A final litigation: Prepare. One of the most anticipated documentaries in recent years finally arrives on American Netflix (Canadians had it on Netflix while it was being broadcast on ESPN). The Last Dance is a sports docu-series from ESPN/Netflix focusing on 1997-98 Chicago Bulls which culminated in a championship and is sadly Michael Jordan’s final season (with the Bulls). As we’ve seen this documentary ignited debates, friendships ended, generational battle lines rumbled like fault lines and social media became a hot mess of blocking, muting, and unfollowing. Prepare. We’re gonna do this one Last Dance one last time.

Monday, July 20

Sammy Suggestion: Wanted (Anytime / Crave)
The success of Netflix’s The Old Guard has ignited that wonderful debate of Girls and Guns. One of the best actresses to deliver John Wick style ruckus was Angelina Jolie. In this Mark Millar adapted comic book film Jolie’s grit and guts are on full display as a member of the Fraternity: a society of assassins that maintains balance in the world. Well, that totally makes sense. I mentioned it was a Mark Millar comic book originally yeah? (It’s a rare Millar adaptation in that it didn’t generate a movie sequel. I believe they tried but were unsuccessful. There’s not even a Wanted 2 straight to DVD movie. Whew. That would have been “Unwanted.”). Check out this fun non-Marvel, non-DC comic book movie.

Tuesday, July 21

Sammy Suggestion: Umbrella Academy: Season 1 (Anytime / Netflix)
Season 2 of Umbrella Academy drops on July 31st! Why not take some time to refresh all the time travel shenanigans from Season 1? Which originally aired on Netflix on February 15, 2019, so it’s been a while. Or failing that work on your sweet dance moves I’m sure we can expect yet another sweet dance sequence with that weird family of weirdos.

Wednesday, July 22

Sammy Suggestion: Fear City: New York vs. the Mafia (Anytime / Netflix)
Fear City: New York vs The Mafia is a 3 part docuseries about the “golden era of the mob.” NYC in the 70s. Yo. The exact moment I was 100% IN was the guy about 30 seconds into that trailer with his NYC accent who says: “You knew. If you didn’t pay on time they’d bend your leg and stuff it in your pocket.” Now that’s a solid business policy. Sam Hobkinson the series director cites “Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film The Conversation as an inspiration for the series, in the way it pieces together archival audio and footage to tell a crime story.” Surveillance tapes, FBI files it’s all happening on July 22nd. This looks dope so ah: don’t fuggedaboutit.

Thursday, July 23

Sammy Suggestion: MLB Doubleheader (4 p.m. & 7 p.m. / ESPN)
A week before the NBA season resumes after a “seventh-inning stretch” Major League Baseball kicks off a COVID-19 truncated 60 game season: The Yankees battle the Nationals then it’s the Giants vs Dodgers. Originally to have started on March 26 the full season was going to be 162 games. Thankfully MLB has ignored the fans calling for the season to be canceled. First, in April there was the coronavirus antibody study with about 10, 000 individuals which’ll deepen our scientific response to the virus. There’s also the beneficial development and refinement of protocols for teams who travel: cleanliness, technology, and much more. Leagues like the MLB and NBA have many more resources to confront these pressing issues much like Batman uses high tech gear compared to the Gotham police. And fun! Remember fun? Live sports are good for us; for our mental and emotional health. We got a glimpse of what life was like without sports for months this past spring…it wasn’t good for us. So le’ts go: play ball!

Friday, July 24

Room 104: Season 4 (11 p.m. / HBO)
Radioactive (Anytime / Amazon Prime)
Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist (Anytime / Amazon Prime)

Sammy Suggestion: The Kissing Booth 2 (Anytime / Netflix)
I shouldn’t kiss and tell but…I found Joey King the main girl in Kissing Booth obnoxious. She wasn’t a good teen misfit. She wasn’t as charming or sassy or pretty as the characters in To All the Boys I’ve Loved. The hunk is also kinda dorky. That said I’m always up for a teen movie and if the soundtrack is solid that’ll be enough to lure me into the Kissing Booth again. Though if this one sucks that’s the kiss of death for this film franchise.

Saturday, July 25

Sammy Suggestion: NBA Countdown (8 p.m. / ABC)
Another encouraging sign the NBA is getting back to normal or rather a new normal: the return of NBA Countdown. Because of the unprecedented nature of the NBA restart in Orlando, I’m wary of expectations: truth is with no fans and on strange courts, it’s hard to know how teams will play. Especially after a long and weird “off-season.” Still, this preview show should hopefully better explain the odd game structure of the games leading up to the NBA Playoffs. It’s all a bit confusing. Tip-Off begins on July 30 at 6:30pm EST.

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