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#SetTheVCR: June 2020 Recap & Review

Sammy Younan

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In a year that was unlike any TV year we’ve had: By the time we got to June it was clear there was nothing jejune about this month on TV.

June TV Highlights: Sammy’s #MustSeeTV!

Dave Chappelle: 8:46 (Netflix via YouTube)
At The Time: “Don’t think my silence is complicit.” Easily the best line of Dave Chappelle’s latest and raw “comedy” special: 8:46. Silence. Does. Not. Speak. Volumes. So comforting. Also a notebook? Be interesting to know how Chappelle’s comedy work has evolved: does he write on stage? In a notebook? His word economy is precise like a sniper and his emphasis and rhythm is an infectious beat.

Sammy Verdict: It’s clear Chappelle understands he is smarter (and flat out better) than his critics.

Dark: Season 3 (Netflix)
At The Time: The final season of the German Netflix show Dark that wonderfully lives up to its name. If this third and final season can stick the landing Dark will be crowned one of the greatest sci-fi shows of all time. That’s crazy talk right? There’s lots of tv shows about time travel and alternative universes but…not like this. The show’s tagline: The end is the beginning. And the beginning is the end is literally true. If you’ve waited to watch this whole thing (and it works better as a trade) now is your time. Enjoy it. And share what you think is happening.

Sammy Verdict: All gone! Season 3 is the final season and what a season. Solid outstanding sci-fi. Easily one of the best sci-fi TV shows of all time. Yes…of all time.

Doom Patrol: Season 2 (HBO Max)
At The Time: Ever since 2001’s Smallville I’ve struggled to get into the CW Arrowverse. Thankfully the last few years streaming has offered a parallel adult fun comic book tv show universe with Titans, Deadly Class and Umbrella Academy. (Marvel works as PG-13 or whatever the MCU movies are rated. However DC only works for me when it’s dark and Rated R; perhaps because it reflects back to their best comics: Blackest Night, Arkham Asylum, Identity Crisis etc.).

Sammy Verdict: Swamp Thing was not long for this world; so I’m ecstatic Doom Patrol got a second season even if it’s shorter with only 9 episodes.

30 for 30: Be Water (ESPN)
At The Time: Volume IV of ESPN’s freshtastic 30 for 30 series continues tonight with Be Water. So now that ESPN has focused on Michel Jordan and Lance Armstrong…who is next? Bruce Lee!! I’m serious. How cool is this? May Be Water do what The Last Dance did: introduce an overlooked and undervalued giant to the youth while giving us oldies a deeper appreciation for our secular culture.

Sammy Verdict: While a bit Wikipedia-ish this is a great introduction to Bruce Lee. You can start here and keep going…unlike The Last Dance this  is not the Final Word.

June 2020 TV Experiences & Expectations

June 4
And We Go Green: Documentary (Hulu)

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street (Shudder)

June 5
The Last Days of American Crime (Netflix)

June 7
30 for 30: Be Water (9 p.m. / ESPN)

June 8
Don’t Look Deeper: Season 1 (Quibi)

June 12
Dave Chappelle: 8:46 (Netflix via YouTube)

Da 5 Bloods (Netflix)

Jo Koy: In His Element (Netflix)

The Woods: miniseries (Netflix)

June 14
30 for 30: Long Gone Summer (9 p.m. / ESPN)

June 17
Love, Victor: Season 1 (Hulu)
-In August 2020 Hulu renewed Love, Victor for a second season.

June 18
Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters (Crackle)

The Order: Season 2 (Netflix)
-In November 2020 Netflix canceled The Order after two seasons.

June 19
7500 (Amazon Prime)

Dads: Documentary (Apple TV)

Lost Bullet (Netflix)

June 21
Perry Mason: Season One (HBO)
-In July 2020 HBO renewed Perry Mason for a second season.

NOS4A2: Season 2 (10 p.m. / AMC)
-In July 2020 AMC canceled NOS4A2 after two seasons.

June 23
Eric André: Legalize Everything (Netflix)

June 25
The Twilight Zone: Season 2 (CBS All Access)

Doom Patrol: Season 2 (DC Universe & HBO Max)
-In September 2020 HBO Max renewed Doom Patrol for a third season.

June 26
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

June 27
Dark: Season 3 (Netflix)
-In June 2019 Netflix confirmed this would be the third and final season.

June 28
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: Docuseries (HBO)

June 30
George Lopez: We’ll Do It for Half (Netflix)

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