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#SetTheVCR: June 28-July 4, 2020

#SetTheVCR: June 28-July 4, 2020

Sammy Younan

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Sports, Comedy and Comic Books…this week is packed with the good stuff.

Sunday, June 28

Sammy Suggestion: I’ll Be Gone In The Dark (10 p.m. / HBO)
Well, we’re not getting any more Mindhunter (RIP!) however, we’re getting this true crime doc-series from HBO. This Golden State Killer documentary is directed by Liz Garbus who you might remember from such films as What Happened, Miss Simone?. It is six parts. Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children also on HBO was five parts and on July 5 Showtime/Crave will be showing Outcry, a five-part documentary series about a football player accused of sexually assaulting a child. Ever since like O.J.: Made in America the bigger doc stuff has parts now: The Last Dance was 10 episodes. True crime reveals include: the East Area Rapist and Golden State Killer are the same person according to the DNA. (California’s criminal DNA database has been solving a lot of cold cases like Golden State Killer. I wonder if they’ll be able to determine the Zodiac Killer….he was Cali based.) This looks decent. I dunno if I’ll watch it on Sundays or wait for all of it to be added to Crave and watch it at once.

Monday, June 29

Sammy Suggestion: The TSN Doc Collection (Anytime / TSN on Demand/Crave)
This is still not common knowledge so here’s a helpful PSA: In the absence of live sports, TSN has launched The TSN Doc Collection. They have every single 30 for 30, ESPN Films etc. all in one spot. It’s amazing! Some HBO sports docs as well as Chappelle’s Show in this hot mess too. Log into TSN with your subscriber info or go in via Crave there’s a section called TSN on Demand. One 30 for 30 a day keeps the news away; the Doc collection will be until the end of the year. If you need any recommendations/suggestions reach out…I’ve seen the bulk of these docs and am happy to help.

Tuesday, June 30

Sammy Suggestion: George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half (Anytime / Netflix)
I am not the biggest George Lopez fan. I find his comedy uneven like a Mexican Jim Gaffigan with a lot of “inside baseball.” (America is an incredible country. When you heard comics like Lopez and Chris Rock talk about the American experience it may be exaggerated but it sprouts from a truthful seed. Same thing with rappers and NBA hoopers…America is wide enough and weird enough to contain all these unique experiences.) Still, this is why there’s value in checking out comedy specials as they get dropped: the element of surprise. To click play is in support of hope: show me something good!

Wednesday, July 1

Lone Ranger: Season 1 (Anytime / Amazon Prime)
Doctor Who: Series 12 (Anytime / Crave)
David Foster: Off the Record (Anytime / Netflix)

Sammy Suggestion: Unsolved Mysteries: Season 1 (Anytime / Netflix)
So sadly Robert Stack (aka Ultra Magnus!) is no longer with us. And actually, for this latest incarnation, there is no narrator and no host. Huh. Ok. That’s “odd.” Which is exactly why I’m recommending it. Don’t sleep on this because this isn’t just for true crime nerds; this season also includes paranormal investigations. And those are the creepy episodes I wanna check out. It especially helps that this is produced by the same people who make Stranger Things. Ok then…show me stranger things.

Thursday, July 2

Sammy Suggestion: Warrior Nun: Season 1 (Anytime / Netflix)
The keywords for this comic book series adapted for Netflix are “an ancient order” “teenage girl” “forces of darkness.” If you like those things chances are you’ll enjoy Warrior Nun spun out of Ben Dunn’s long-running comic book series Warrior Nun Areala. I never read the comic book but I believe she is dead…or used to be dead? That sounds about “rite” for a series like this.es.

Friday, July 3

JU-ON: Origins: Season 1 (Anytime / Netflix)
Desperados (Anytime / Netflix)
Hanna: Season 2 (Anytime / Amazon Prime)

Sammy Suggestion: Ford v Ferrari (Anytime / Crave)
Zoom Zoom! It’s 1966 and automotive designer Matt Damon wants to design and build a concept car for the Ford Motor Co. so that race car driver Christian Bale can race against all the stylish dominating race cars. Like every sports movie this is about the underdogs: I mean if you had a choice would you own a Ford or a Ferrari? I started the week with 30 for 30s via The TSN Doc Collection…here’s a real life sports movie. (Sammy)

Saturday, July 4

Sammy Suggestion: Midway (8 p.m. / HBO)
Woody Harrelson plays Admiral Chester W. Nimitzin in this classic-ruckus-Roland-Emmerich-blockbuster. This however is World War II—Battle of Midway hence the title—so Woody should do a better job than he did in War for the Planet of the Apes as Colonel J. Wesley McCullough. Dude really blew it with the Apes battle…am I right? Happy Birthday, America. Your history includes winning World War II but losing Earth to the Apes.

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